TV Talkback

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 18 & 19   Jughead slides further into the Serpents’ nonsense, Betty fields phone calls from a demanding Black Hood, and Veronica’s old friend Nick shows up to ruin everyone’s day. We determine our Serpent names and we also take a trip to Grease?  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 16 & 17 The Southside Serpents now have competition for the worst named gang, thanks to The Red Circle. Toni Topaz makes her glorious entrance into our lives and hearts. And Betty gets contacted by a serial killer because we can’t have nice things.  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 14 & 15 Riverdale’s only competent adult has been shot, throwing Archie into a cavalcade of bad decisions. Jughead gets more involved with the Southside Serpents. Betty remains amazing. Ronnie now lives in a terrifying telenovela. Hiss hiss motha f*ckas.  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 10, 11, 12, & 13 We conclude our rip-roaring tour through Riverdale Season One. So much is happening, guys. So many of the things. Jughead deserves a nap. And so do we, tbh.  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 7, 8, & 9 Jughead’s dad is terrible. Betty’s parents are terrible. Veronica and Cheryl’s parents are terrible. Everyone’s parents are terrible. Except Archie’s dad. Also, Polly’s baby shower nearly kills Rachael.  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 4, 5, & 6  Jughead is homeless. Betty’s sister is pregnant, and her parents are awful. Veronica’s parents are doing hella sketchy business stuff. Archie…has stage fright. Jessica’s disdain knows no bounds.  

Riverdale Recap: Chapters 1, 2, & 3 Teen drama, cute sweaters, murder…this town’s got it all! Join Jess and Allison as they pull Rachael into the riveting world of Riverdale. It is potentially the best thing they’ve ever done for her. Or worst. Who knows? Not us!